Sunday, 11 January 2009


There are people dying all over the Middle East and we run the risk of being dragged into a major world conflict and what is the main story on the BBC News headlines?

"Prince Harry used the term 'Paki' in a Video 3 years Ago!!!!"

Some people are demanding an inquiry, even though formal apologies have been offered.

I wonder if the same outcry would be forthcoming if Harry had been jibbed because he has ginger hair or because of his royal connections or because of his "Whiteness" or "Britishness". Yes - it does happen - Asians and other ethnic minorities do make similar remarks about "white" people.

Neither condemning or condoning his comments, all I'm saying is "Lighten Up!"

There are greater priorities in the world today. This is simply sensationalist claptrap although we shouldn't be surprised when we note the source - that guardian of the world's morals - the "News of The World!"

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