Thursday, 1 January 2009

When is a school not a school?

The lead story in our local paper concerns the opening of a new primary in Sheffield and it's ban on the use of the word "school" in it's title.

The Headteacher is quoted as saying "We decided from an early stage we didn't want to use the word 'school.' One reason was many of the parents of the children have negative connotations of school."

The establishment will be known as a 'Place of Learning' and pupils will be under the supervision of learning mentors.The children will wear slippers rather than shoes whilst "in school" to create a relaxed atmosphere and extra cash has been spent on height adjustable desks and chairs which can be personalised to each child's individual needs.

I have to agree with a comment made by a young mum who was asked her opinion. "They should call it a school - a school's a school. The word 'school' doesn't have negative connotations. A 'place for learning' just sounds wrong." She adds - "I wouldn't send my children there, because it's not a school , apparently. My children like their school!"

New Year - same old garbage!!!!


Snappers Sideways View said...
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Snappers Sideways View said...

That must mean I'm currently on holiday from my 'place of earning'

Happy New Year Ken and Sheila