Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Belper 2 - 0 Quorn

Another win for Belper last night and whilst it wasn't the greatest game of football I've ever seen, the result was about right on the balance of play. My mate Joey Winson summed it up perfectly - "A professional performance from the Nailers."

Didn't take my camera - I still haven't figured out the business of taking action pictures under floodlights but when Snapper Harrison posts his pictures on the Belper Forum, I'll link you to them.

As for today - the lift from the win was welcome but brief and the return to the madness this morning brings one back down to earth with a considerable bump.

It's a beautiful spring morning if your only concern is what the weather means to your plans for the day and not if you'll still have a job in a couple of months.

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