Sunday, 1 March 2009

I can't believe it.....

....having lost only two league games all season, Belper have now lost two in a week! And both to last minute goals.

The final score yesterday was Belper 1 - 2 Lincoln Utd and the winner came from a penalty (correctly) awarded in injury time. That was about the only thing yet another crappy referee got right.

This was another official who seemed to award free-kicks on a random basis. Most football supporters simply want consistency from referees but we are not only getting inconsistency week-to-week, we are now getting inconsistency within games.

One particularlty poor decision concerned the failure to award a penalty for Belper when Ryan Hindley was brought down in the box. We were no more than 10 yards away (as was the linesman) and we all heard the sound of boot on boot and not boot on ball (there is a substantial difference) as Ryan was tackled. He was actually left injured on the ground and there was a hole in his sock, caused by the defender's studs!

Anthony Wilson got booked for a tremendous blocking challenge which prevented a defender clearing the ball and on at least two occasions, free kicks were awarded against him for "backing-in" when he was clearly being held from behind. At one point, the defender had Ant's arms interlocked with his own arms to stop Ant from turning but the defender still got the free-kick.

I know I am slightly biased (well - OK - massively biased) but there is no way Belper Town deserved to lose either of the last two games. That just increases the frustration.

Anyway - the rest of Tim Harrisons excellent "snaps" are here if you wanna look (That's one good thing to come from every game - Snappers pics!)

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