Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I know it's a small world.....

... but I find this a bit spooky!

The window cleaners arived at work last week. Amongst them was an older guy called Melvyn who used to own the business but now only helps out occasionally when they are "short-handed." We'd sometimes nod to each other when "knocking around" the Nortoner Towers area not long after we moved up there.

Haven't seen him (either at work or around Norton) for ages and as we chatted over a cup of tea, he told me he'd moved from Norton about 6 years ago.

I mentioned that we'd moved to Norton after living in our first house on Sharrowvale Road for 27 years and that the Duchess had been born on the same street. Further discussion revealed that this guy knew the Duchess' father, George, and remembered my wife because he was actually born 3 days before her and in the next yard!

He recalled her name with no prompting and told me (correctly) the names of the three other families who shared the yard of the house where the Duchess was born.

The Duchess said she recalled the family, although she did not specifically remember Melvyn. Not really surprising when you think that they were both born over 60 years ago!

Like I said - small world!!

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