Monday, 11 May 2009

Another week slips by...

Again - doesn't time fly?

Been a mixed week - England beat West Indies handsomely in the First Test which was good but I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday trying to get the jungle that is my garden under some sort of control which is not so good!

I also bought a new camera this weekend. My old "snapshot" camera - a Canon Powershot A85 which has travelled many thousands of miles with me - finally gave up the ghost. (At the supporters evening actually.) Every picture had a strange purple-pink cast on it and the images were "smeared" so badly as to be indecipherable.

I thought it might be the CF card I was using but that works fine in my Canon SLR. The camera has simply died!!

Anyway - having no footy to go to - we were in Sheffield on Saturday and popped into Argos on the Moor. They were offering a Powershot A460 for "half-price." It has 7.2 megapixels, a 3.4 optical zoom, 1.9 fps autoshoot and automatic and manual settings for ISO etc. It even has "face recognition" function which automatically picks out a human face as the focal point if it "finds" one while composing the image on the screen. Price was £49.98 all-in plus a tenner for a 4Gb card. The RSP was £99.99 so it was a bargain.

I'll shove a couple of pictures up on the blog when I've figured out how to get them off the SD Card (my computer and printer have card readers built in but neither "reads" SD!)

As well as that (I haven't been slacking you know!) - I've created a nice little "Jalbum" (well, I think it's nice) picking some of my favourite pictures from my "Belper Town season." Looks lovely but can I figure out how to get it linked to the blog or the Belper Forum? Can I 'eckas like (as we say in t'North!) Perseverance is the key so watch this space!

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