Thursday, 28 May 2009

Enjoying a week off.....

A quick summary of happenings this week:

Saturday - glorious day - spent several hours getting the grass and hedges at Nortoner Towers into some sort of shape.

Sunday - another cracking day - again, spent most of it in the garden - hacking down some more of the jungle!

Monday - Bank Holiday so naturally - the weather turned and we were pretty much confined to the house.

Tuesday - took a drive down to Elmhirst Lakes, Horncastle, to pay off the balance of our holiday cost. We'll be off down there on July 4th for our annual holiday - main purpose - 2 weeks fishing! We drove back via Sleaford and Newark - where we stopped for a quick look around and I took a few pics:

The River Trent

Newark Castle
It's a Dog's Life!

Wednesday - A brief excursion to Meadowhall - cut short because we had forgotten it was half-term and the place was heaving with kids and their assorted families, running riot!

Then another highlight in what's turning out to be not such a bad week - watched Barcelona beat Man United in the European Cup Final (or whatever it's called these days!) A great game and a cracking result but doesn't Andy Gray get on yer nerves?! Pre-match pearls of wisdom such as "Manchester United have come here to win this." and "One of these two teams will be crowned the best team in Europe tonight." In the early days of Sky Sports, you used to be able to press a button to "kill" the commentary and just watch the match with only crowd noise as a background - pity they ever stopped that!

Anyway - today (Thursday) the Duchess is sorting out some Junior Football paperwork and needs to nip down to the FA Offices in Sheffield this afternoon so we're not straying far. Tomorrow - we plan a trip to the RSPB Reserve at Bempton Cliffs, near Flamborough and I hope to get some nice pics of seabirds and stuff. I'll update you later!

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