Monday, 18 May 2009

A busy week ahead.

The Duchess is out tonight and tomorrow - at Sheffield Junior League Presentation evenings.

Wednesday night - we're both out for dinner cos it's our 37th Wedding Anniversary.

Friday morning we have to go to a funeral. One of my uncles passed away last Tuesday and I have to go and pay my respects. Uncle Godfrey was my Dad's youngest brother. Dad was one of 9 kids and Mum was one of 11 so I have a big family (and cousins I've never met!)

My father died in 1992 and of the 9 kids, I think there are only three left. We've never been a close family (probably just as well, think of the cost of birthday cards, anniversary cards etc etc!) but we do get together at weddings and funerals. Sadly, there have been more funerals than anything else over the last few years.

I then have a week to recover - our company has a shutdown week at the end of May to do all the plant maintenance and so on. I, along with all but one of the other staff, take the week off and I "potter" around wherever the mood takes me. Hopefully the weather will be good and some "photo opportunities" will present themselves.

We'll see.

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