Sunday, 29 November 2009

Belper Town 2 - 2 Goole AFC

Yesterday's result. Another good game which Belper could have won in the last minute with a terrific shot from late sub Dean Oliver whose effort hit the crossbar and bounced to safety. In the 2nd half, Belper's No. 9, Ben Walker was sent off for an offence which appeared to just about everyone bar the referee, worth a yellow card. Didn't help that the "offence" was right in front of the Away dug out and the linesman, who was also close by, seemed to persuade the ref to red card it. Tim Harrison's excellent pictures of the game are here:

I didn't take the camera - feel I'm missing something with my photography lately - a lack of confidence seems to have set in. Or maybe the back and forth to the docs and hospital have given me the "can't be arsed" attitude. Anyway - with 2 other photographers at Belper Town, there isn't really a need for a 3rd. You can only photograph a game from so many angles after all!

Not a lot more news..... the squirrel trapping has continued and we are now down to 2 "regular" visitors to the garden. Oddly enough, I set the trap on Saturday morning, and this afternoon (Sunday) found a very big, very wet and also, thankfully, very dead, rat in there. Dunno what it died of but I'm glad it wasn't alive when I found it!

So - I'm off to back up the PC and laptop - that tells you what an exciting Sunday I'm having!


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