Thursday, 21 January 2010

60 years old today......

... and I now qualify for a bus pass - and I believe - free prescriptions - so it ain't all bad!!

The last week and a half has passed so quickly with all sorts of things happening.

On the football front, Belper Town got back into action. Their first game since the "on pens" win at Glapwell in the cup on December 15th saw a 2-1 away win at Lincoln United. Sweet revenge because Lincoln's 1 - 0 win at our ground, in the last league game we played before the weather intervened, ended Belper's unbeaten home record. That was also the first time Belper hadn't scored in a league game all season.

What else to tell? Well, I haven't got around to making a new photo album yet.The files show I've taken around 600 photos since midnight on New Year's Eve! Still sorting, editing, rejecting and debating any of the above actions on some! I might get something published in a couple of days perhaps.

The snow has pretty much gone now and the great news is that the weather cleared in time to allow my son Mark and his wife to drive over from Holland last weekend. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and head back on Saturday morning. To have them here for my birthday is a real bonus.

I'm not looking forward to them leaving us but the "cheer-up" side is a chance to watch Belper Town in action at home against Quorn on Saturday afternoon. And hopefully another 3 points!

Anyway - I'll keep this brief - concentration span diminishes as one gets older I believe so - ermmmm - oh yeah - see yer later!

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