Friday, 29 January 2010

A Late Birthday present......

....from my son and his wife. And what a belter it is too!

It comprises a replica Sheffield Wednesday shirt from the 1940's (although I wasn't born until 1950 - cheeky git - and the size is XXL! Wonder what he's trying to say??!!) and a book called  "A History of Sheffield Wednesday since 1907." This comprises scans of pages from the "Daily" and "Sunday Mirror" and the "Sunday Pictorial" (ask yer dad!) recording some of the Owls highlights from 1907 to 2009 - like beating Man Utd in the 1991 League Cup final (you know - the last time either the Owls or Blades actually won a trophy!)

It's brilliant - and the pics don't really do it justice:

The Owls shirt will make it's "wearing debut" at a Belper Town game sometime in the near future!

Thanks guys - I'm well chuffed!!!


Mike Smith said...

So you and the Duchess will be arriving in just the one shirt then :-)

Nortoner said...

Oooooh No mate! Didn't you know the Duchess is a Blade and probably won't sit/stand with me if I'm wearing the blue and white!!