Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

A little belated but nonetheless very sincere greeting to you!

My last post - on Christmas Day - pretty much updated you with my particular sphere and the only thing omitted was, really, football news. You haven't missed much - the last time Belper Town took to the pitch was on 15th December when they beat Glapwell in the President's Cup after a penalty shoot out.

Every fixture since then has been cancelled because of the weather.

As for work - I had booked 3 additional days off pre-Christmas and so haven't been in to the office since December 18th. That all changes on Monday of course but what can you do?! I do know that we will start the New Year with a much healthier order book than we had in the Autumn. Hopefully, the corner has been turned and we can start rebuilding the workload.

The New Year - well, we enjoyed a very pleasant New Years Eve at the home of my son's best friend - Darren. A relaxing run up to midnight with just Darren, his sister Kerry, his wife and young son and his in-laws.

Midnight meant fireworks:

My son called us at Darren's place - at midnight Dutch time - and we were able to exchange verbal greetings. After their long delay in New York, they made it back home by about midday on Christmas Day. I guess it all worked out for the best because even if they could have got back to Rotterdam as planned, it would have been virtually impossible for them to drive to Sheffield because of the awful weather which almost all of Western Europe has suffered over Christmas.

Plan now is for them to come over for my birthday in late January 2010 - when I shall reach the unwanted landmark of 60 years old. The only good thing about that particular birthday is that I will qualify for free travel on public transport!

Anyway - nothing else really to report so I'll go and do something else....... more follows when I can think of something to say!

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