Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Joke!!!!

I am now heartily sick of the snow. I don't "do" winter anyway but this is ridiculous!

Snow depth on our back garden today - and it is even deeper further up the garden. The ruler reads 6 inches in "old money" and although there seems to have been a bit of a thaw today, there's more snow falling as I type this.

Anyway - as a result of the heavy snow falls and freezing temperatures this week, I left the car on the drive on Wednesday,Thursday (mainly cos it was iced up and I couldn't get into it) and Friday, caught a bus into the city and then walked down to work (a distance of about a mile and a quarter) so I've had plenty of exercise but hopefully, tomorrow morning I'll be able to get the car down the drive and off the estate because I now have a severe head cold and there is no way I could walk that distance in my present state!
Our street yesterday....

The other disadvantage to public transport is the fact that it has cost me just short of £5 per day to get to and from work!

We're particularly busy just now, which is great but this also brings it's own problems. The weather and the dramatically increased order book have combined to make it hard to get steel out of the plant on time so we're taking on a few extra bodies to help out in the short term.

I guess the only real benefit of the snow is the photo opportunities it presents. I'm putting together an album and will provide a link soon but in the meantime - here's a taster to give you an idea of what I've been up to:

The tree by our front door

Icicle on the tree

A passing plane...

St James Church, Norton (Xmas Card effect)

Snow Detail

That's it for now - going to watch Barcelona on Sky Sports and then take my head cold to bed!

As I said - an album will follow - probably tomorrow evening.


Mike Smith said...

Gone are the days of the 12p maximum bus fare on Sheffield buses then - but I AM going back to my "student days" at the Poly in 1979 ...

Keep snapping "while stocks last" Ken ... it's thawing like mad tonight over this side of't'Pennines !

Nortoner said...

Yeah Mike - that's a looooong time ago! But after 21st Jan it will only cost me about £2.50 cos I get my bus pass and can go home for free!!

And it put a further 1.1/2 inches of snow down at Norton last night but it's wet stuff and so I drove in today!