Sunday, 20 June 2010

I've been busy.. OK??

It's been another hectic week. My right hand man at work went on holiday to Mallorca on Tuesday and so I've been pretty much "on me own" and the paper shuffling has been intense because the incoming workload continues to almost overwhelm us.

The only real event of the week was a visit to see the Urology Consultant on Thursday. The X-ray shows they got all of the stone when they operated but the less good news is it shows another stone in my right kidney. It's apparently "of no significance right now" but the doc said he wanted to "keep an eye on it." This means another X-ray in 12 months and we'll continue on an annual basis unless I get pain or discomfort.

Advice is to monitor intake and output! (He reckons I could measure how much I pee out if I want to. Might give that a miss actually!) Output is as important as input apparently - 2 litres in and 2 litres out is the aim. Finally on the subject of taking a (the) piss - "healthy" urine should be, and I quote, "The colour of good champagne or cheap lager, depending on your preference!"

Other topics of (minor) note... we went to the Bowshaw Carvery again on Thursday. Cracking grub as usual.

Saw the England game on Friday and fear for our last 16 aspirations. It really was a dire performance. No pride, passion or, seemingly, any idea of what they were supposed to be doing. Where's a Stuart Pearce when you need one? I reckon he could have come off the bench and showed them how it's done.

For Rooney to come off the pitch after that performance and take a sarcastic dig at the fans as he did was totally unacceptable. His apology (via FA statement) is too little, too late. My mate Mossley Smiffy summarises my particular feelings on this point far better than I can - read his blog "Six Tame Sides" - link on the right.

Anyway - spent yesterday in the garden, cutting hedges and grass and generally "tidying up". The result -

Well - that's about half the garden anyway. I'm not showing you the other side, on the right, behind the garage. That needs a lot of work and something of a longer term project!

The roses are in bloom....

as well as other stuff (dunno what this is called but it's pretty).............

..... and so are the Ox-eye Daisies in my (ahem) wildlife area (or rather the part of the garden I ain't got around to sorting yet!)

OK - listening to the Archers as usual just now and later, more cutting and hacking this afternoon - it's a beautful day so I'd better make the most of it. Laters!

Oh - and - "Great News on the job Mike!" Hope it works out for you!

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