Monday, 28 June 2010

I Didn't Bother Watching the Game....

...decided to cut the privet hedge instead. (All 130ft of it - and it's not really "my" hedge but if we wait for the neighbours to cut it, it'll be 30ft tall!) As an accompaniment, I listened to the One Day International cricket match on Radio 4 between England and Australia. Good choice by the sound of things! We beat the Aussies to take a 3-0 lead with 2 games to play in the series.

The England cricket team currently knows how to win - something the footy team needs to learn. I have to say that I had "bad vibes" about the football team - having seen the way they struggled to get to this stage.

Today, Capello says our boys were tired!! So that's why they performed as they did! Tiredness! From what I have seen of the performances, it looked like a distinct lack of passion, commitment or pride to me! Anyway - again - my mate Mossley Smiffy's blog "Six Tame Sides" expresses it perfectly. Quote:

... but would it have REALLY made any difference ? I believe not ... sooner (hopefully) rather than later we will finally realise that we are JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The Premier League may well be (to some - certainly not me) one of the best in the world - but when you realise that 80% of the stars are actually ineligible to play for England ... it's time for a rethink. In the meantime Sky TV will continue to assist in paying the obscene wages to what have been shown up this tournament to be extremely average footballers - and if people continue to buy their Sky subscriptions and pay stupid prices for Premier League season tickets - and stupid prices for premier League "merchandise", and all branded goods (where many "players" will be taking a tidy 'rake-off') this whole sorry tale will continue.

And I've not even started on words like "effort" or "passion" - look at teams like New Zealand or South Korea - any limitations these players have are more than offset by their passion and their effort. I could name names - someone said to me before the tournament started that Rooney was not 100% fit - case proved I think ... the guy has done absolutely zilch in four games (apart from slagging off the fans after the Algeria game !) - people moaned when Heskey was brought on, but isn't Rooney meant to be a goalscorer ? And are the others really the best we have to offer ?? I could find many many others that would have sweated blood and given 200% effort to have the chance to wear that shirt - unfortunately most - if not all - of them are not in the Premier League

end quote..... As I said - well put Smiffy - my feelings entirely.
Anyway - Sunday concluded by washing the windows on the kitchen bay, inside and out, then I cleaned the car. I was absolutely banjaxed and must have sweated off about a half a stone but still didn't sleep worth a sh*t last night! Combination of hot sticky weather and a sore back!
We're off on holiday on Saturday and so we went to the fishing tackle shop (interestingly named "Climax Tackle" which draws some strange looks until you know the store is on the site of the old Climax nightclub!) We needed some bits and pieces but I ended up with a new fishing rod. First one I've bought in years and I can't wait to try it out. There's 3.1/2 days of work left this week yet though - let's see if I can get through it with as little hassle as possible!
I really need this holiday!! I'l try to post again before we go but I make no promises!!


Penfold said...

Very astute observations on the footy Ken (and Mike). I think that they lacked, more than anything else...SKILL! They hadn't got a ruddy clue....and if DAndy were to sign Glenn Johnson- I'd shoot 'em! THERE haha.

Ken- beautiful shots of Bakewell in previous blog mate. What were theblack fish in the river? Guessing others were the Brown Trout I've seen there many times?

Nortoner said...

Cheers Dave - one of our favourite spots Bakewell! Think the dark fish are trout although I know there are Grayling in the river - might be a bit big for Grayling tho!