Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Been Spending Again.....

Me and The Duchess have been out this morning (did I mention I'm on holiday all week? Think I did!) - organising despatch of my daughter-in-laws iPad and then we popped into Meadowhall to get a picture taken for her new driving licence.

After a hot Roast Pork sandwich and a cuppa (nice but expensive - £11.60 for 2 sandwiches, 2 teas and a side order of chips!) we stopped off at the Meadowhall Retail Park where Hobbycraft, Homebase and PC World are located. The Duchess makes all the greetings cards she sends to friends various so Hobbycraft was the main reason for stopping but you can't NOT go in PC World can you? Not when it's right next door?

Anyway - I came out with a portable hard drive - needed to back up my photo and document files. Last count, there were 22,500 pictures on my PC (ncluding scanned slides and films from 30 to 40 years ago) and although I already have an external hard drive - I wanted the extra security of a 2nd back up which I can keep away from the PC.

Another neat piece of kit:

750 Gb of storage on a device not much bigger than my mouse! Fantastic!! (Picture was taken with the new iPhone BTW - not that I'm showing off of course!)

Nothing much else to report since my last post. Monday was spent in the garden, cutting grass and strimming weeds whilst listening to Test Match Special on Radio 4. Hard work but the garden looks a bit better for it.

Today's promised rain has now set in and so I resort to the PC and the blog. I'm sorting out some of  my photo files - particularly the older ones.

Whilst I think of it, something else HAS happened this week....Belper Town FC  announced  several new signings including some very experienced players at our level. Manager Andy Carney has been working hard on a reduced budget to replace about half dozen of last season's squad who have decided to try their luck elsewhere (and in a lot of cases - for more money.)

I was beginning to worry a bit about next season but now I can't wait. Mind you - the Duchess is complaining - she says she only definitely figured out who is who as the season was drawing to a close - now she has to start all over again!
Bempton and Filey tomorrow - and I'm going to set the Duchess up with my old DSLR - the 350D - and my 300mm zoom lens to see what sort of "bird" pictures she can get. I'll report back of course. (Unless her pics are better than mine - there's every chance!)

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