Wednesday, 23 June 2010

There's a Football Match on this afternoon, apparently.

The shopfloor here work 6 a.m. until 2 pm and the staff were given the option of coming on at 6 so they could leave at 2 pm and watch the England match. I declined...... What I've seen so far (and I admit I only saw highlights of the USA game and then watched 60 minutes of the Algeria match before I decided to go and do something more interesting) doesn't make me anything like confident about progression to the last 16.

Hope I'm wrong but in any case, this World Cup hasn't really "grabbed me" like previous competitions. Don't know if it's the standard of football (which has been generally poor) or the terrible commentaries, punditry and general coverage of the games but I just can't seem to work up any enthusiasm.

Anyway - I'm working normal hours so better gerron wi it!


Fatty said...

Football has changed beyond recognition in the last 30 years. It was agme where two teams tried to score more goals than each other.

It is now a business where two teams try to concede less goals than each other.

Mike Smith said...

Think I'll make the most of my last week of unemployment ... and watch the damn thing - having watched Mossley for years (and with a slight Man City sympathy as well), I'm well used to pessimissm :-)