Monday, 13 September 2010

Another week flies by....

..and would you believe this is my third attempt to write this particular note.

I began it yesterday (Sunday) and first of all - the PC crashed and I lost the whole thing. Then when I tried again - I managed to hit the wrong key and everything but the title was deleted...

So  - here what's been happening...

Tuesday - shifted some paperwork then in the evening, waited anxiously for news of Stamford v Belper Town. It was simply too far to travel after a day at work so I followed the game via the Stamford website. Belper were winning 2-0 but it finished as a 2-2 draw. Although disappointing, I'm sure we'd all have taken a point had it been offered before kick off.

Wednesday - the Duchess had  a Junior Football League Meeting in the evening so I spent some time preparing a presentation for my boss on a new telephone system I want to put in at work. He wanted the details on Thursday morning when I would be at our sister company's office for another meeting.

Thursday - all day in Dronfield at a briefing on the new computer system we are to implement. After about 20 years, theh IBM AS400 computer and the Macpac MRP software are to be dumped and we will be running Microsoft AX on a brand new machine. It was interesting but it's obvious that there's a lot more work to be done before we introduce it. Target date is June 2011 for the new system to be up and running.

Oh - and the Duchess got a date for her hip replacement operation - it's to be done on October 25th with pre-op assessment on October 11th.

Friday (early finish day) was interesting. After work I ran an errand for my son. He's bought a bubble gum machine (Yes - you heard right - a bubble gum machine - y'know, put a coin in, turn the handle and candy or whatever drops out.) on eBay and wanted me to pick it up from an address in Sheffield. He is moving his company to a new office and wants to put it in the lobby for visitors to help themselves!!

Saturday - up early and into Sheffield to pick up my Christmas present from the Duchess. She has bought me a Canon Speedlite 430 EX II flashgun and now my DSLR kit is just about complete.... (although I have hinted that a Canon EOS 7D might make my pictures better...). Sheila decided that since the recovery period after the operation is about 6 to 8 weeks, she might struggle to get her Christmas shopping done so she's starting now! (I'm getting her a "Spotting Scope" to replace the binoculars she uses when we go to the various RSPB Reserves we often visit.)

Main business of the day was a trip to Goole to watch Belper Town. We won 1-0 and probably deserved it. I have to say I've been to fewer more hostile places to watch footy. Fans snarling at the linesmen and referee and even their manager and coach had to be warned by the ref for berating the officials.  Anyway - I took the camera and here's the the link to my pictures....

Have a look if you want to!

Sunday - create the above photo album whist listening to The Archers Omnibus - fail to complete a blog entry - twice -  dump some stuff from the garage and shift some stuff from the dining room in there and in the loft - clean the car - dine and catch up on sports news - call son in Holland (they're coming over on Friday 19th and staying almost a week - Yipeee!) - bath - bed.... and then the new week begins.

This week the plant is on maintenance shutdown and so I'm popping into the office every day to check e-mails, faxes etc and to tell people "Call back on Monday!"

Tomorrow evening - it's Belper at home to Glapwell which will see the return of a couple of last years squad who joined Glapwell in the summer. It'll be a tough game - I'll tell you about it later.

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