Monday, 27 September 2010

Not been a great week....

...Football-wise anyway.

Having lost 5-1 to Glapwell on Tuesday, Belper went down 1-0 to Goole AFC at the Meadow last Saturday. A 92nd minute goal in a niggly game decided the contest which although it brought a much improved performance from Belper Town, was still a massive disappointment.

One of the main reasons for the poor game, in my opinion, was this gentleman:
I told him at the end of the game that, in my opinion,  we've had some crap refs at the Meadow but he is the new top of the crap pile.

Positives from the game? (You should always look for the positives!) Two new players were on view and showed up very well. Striker Daryll Thomas has pace and looks like he has goals in him too whilst Nicky Darker in midfield put in an excellent shift.

I'm still faffing with my pictures but you can see Tim Harrison's album from the game here....

An excellent effort from Tim (Mr Consistency) too!

Other news since my last post..

Son and Daughter-in-law went back to Holland Saturday. We took them out to dinner on Friday night as an early "Happy Birthday" meal for our daughter in law who celebrates the event on October 1st.

Saturday, after they'd left, I cleaned my car and we then went to the Goole game and on Sunday - I cleaned the Duchess' car and also the lounge bay window. Yes - I know - that explains why it has persistently piddled it down since Sunday evening. What sort of moron cleans 2 cars and the windows all in the space of 36 hours? Asking for trouble!

So - you are up-to-date with my exciting life. I'll leave it a couple of days before giving you the next instalment. Too much excitement in one dose is not good for you!

Oh yeah -

Clean car 1:

 Clean Car 2:

Didn't have time to photograph the window before the rain started but you all know what a window looks like yeah?


Penfold said...

My dearest cleaned the windows at the weekend, and the last rain we had here was on last Thurdsday. Just thought I say like........

Mike Smith said...

Tut tut - not blurring the number plates again :-)

Nortoner said...

Number plate blurred Smiffy. But why when it's my own plate?