Sunday, 19 September 2010

This week's activities.....

Tuesday night was one of the highlights - Belper beat Glapwell 2-1 and thoroughly deserved the victory. Best I've seen the team play this season. I took the camera and here's a couple of my pics:

Justin Jenkins' header loops over the keeper for 1-0.........

The Glapwell keeper makes a good save from a shot by Chris Wood and Jenks was on hand to pop in the rebound....
A familiar face in the crowd - Belper top scorer for the last 2 seasons... Lee Stevenson moved on to Eastwood Town:

For a proper view of the game - see Tim Harrisons album - I really haven't had the time to make one this week!

Wednesday was one of those days when you are absolutely knackered at the end of it but can't really understand why.... maybe it's this slight head cold I've been carrying for a week or so! Anyway - dropped a colleague off at a local garage in the afternoon and saw these beauties on the car park:

1969 vintage Jag I understand and there was a Bentley too..

Thursday - left work slightly early (we were on a maintenance shutdown week and so I've been popping into the office to check e-mails and so on.) When I got home. I suggested to the Duchess that we nip down to Autoworld at Chesterfield and see what offers they have on a new (used) car for her. Ended up buying her another Seat Ibiza! (We only went for a look!) This one's a "56 plate" to replace the  "51 plate" she currently has. Nice car! We collect it Tuesday next week when Road Tax and PDI is sorted. It's a 1.4 "Special Edition" with DAB Radio and controls for the CD player on the steering wheel etc. I'll post pics next week.

Friday - the REAL highlight of the week - my son and daughter-in-law arrived late afternoon from Holland. They drove over in their new car - a Volvo C30, 2.40i racing machine! It's absolutely beautiful!

Saturday - Son and daughter-in-law were out and about visiting friends various and since Belper were away at Rushall, we decided to have a football free Saturday for once and after the usual supermarket penance in the morning, we had a run out to Eyam in Derbyshire. I've never been to the village before but it is famous for "shutting itself off" from the outside world when the Plague struck in 1665/1666. I took some pictures and will create an album but here's a few to be going on with...

The notice above is outside the cottage shown below:

St Lawrence Church, where most of the plague victims are buried.

I reckon we could use some of these stocks nowadays!

Anyway - you are now up to date but as I said - I'll make a Jalbum of Eyam photos and post the link ASAP!

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