Monday, 6 September 2010

What Day Is This Please?

Back from me travels - Jet-lagged to hell and back but a blog entry is the perfect antidote to Eastenders and tiredness.

A long week but it feels like it went very quickly. As I said - it was bloody hot and humid but hopefully, worthwhile.

Got back to Heathrow at about noon on Saturday and as usual, tried to stay awake until normal bedtime cos it's reckoned that helps the jetlag pass more quickly. Slept well Saturday night - a good 9 hours in fact. Sunday wasn't too bad - cleaned the car - again - (note to self - getting a black car was a dumbass idea - I seem to have done nothing but clean it since I took delivery!!)

Watched part of Brentford 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday on TV but wasn't impressed! Bed at about 10 pm, sleep before half past - awake at 11:45 pm and still awake at 3 in the morning. Up at 6 a.m. today and consequently - today has been mostly driven on autopilot.

Other news? Son and daughter in law planning a visit to Sheffield later this month and the Duchess finally has a date for her replacement hip operation. That happens October 25th, subject to cancellation by any emergency that may occur that day.

Didn't take the big camera with me to USA but took some snaps on me little 'snappercam'. Here's a few.....

The Four Points Hotel, Mississauga (Toronto) - Nice hotel!

Toronto airport sunrise - waiting for 8 a.m. flight to USA

Rental Car in Pittsburgh - a Kia - not bad actually!

This was  a small plane (20-seater with a single row of seats either side of the aisle!)

OK - Eastenders is over and I'm tired. I'll do some more ASAP! Watch this space!

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Mike Smith said...

Taking photos in an airport ?? That's a hanging offence in some countries Ken !!