Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Go Ahead - Laugh Why Doncha?!

All weekend I was planning to get the car washed. Never got around to it - largely because on Saturday we were out and about at Belper and Sunday one local car wash was closed and the other two were very busy (too cold to hand wash it!)

So - Monday evening - get the car washed.

Morrisons - closed - due to ice in the machine we think.

BP garage about half a mile away - open - and they had a "Half Price Sale" on - £2.99 instead of £5.99! Not often I drop lucky like that! But wait - not so lucky - got in the car wash and the panel where the code number is entered was showing "can't accept codes." Long story short - no wash - £3 refund - move on.

Tesco - Abbeydale Rd - at last - no queue and straight in the car wash. Drove out the other side and as ever - stepped out to check the exterior of the car. Door open - right foot out - start to raise myself from the seat and the right foot slipped on sheet ice and I tumbled very slowly backward to finish with my backside on the ground, my left foot stuck under the brake pedal - my right leg under the car door, my right hand trying to grab the door handle to haul myself up and my left arm wedged tight against the door pillar.

I have a sore left bicep and a bruise on my right ankle and my right knee is giving me a bit of jip. I e-mailed Tesco when I got home and suggested they put warning signs and/or grit down in the area before someone gets badly hurt. Response was a call this morning from  a lovely Welsh lady called Terri who was very concerned, full of apologies and asked if I was OK. I promised not to sue and she promised to get something done about it.

About 9:30 last evening - the Duchess suddenly collapsed into fits of uncontrollable laughter - the reason - she'd been sat in the  passenger seat as I performed my acrobatics and after initially asking "What ARE you doing??!!" (as I slid gracefully out of the car to the floor), admitted she thought it was funny!!

Anyway - since we got home last night - I have developed a nasty little head cold which it is my intention to share with her! (Hee Hee!)

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