Thursday, 3 February 2011

Don't you wish your Council's CEO was like ours???

Main headline in Tonight's local paper - "The Star"....

"270 Jobs Axed"

Alright - it's still bad news but The Star originally predicted  there would be 2,000 jobs lost. Hey - our local rag always looks on the bright side.

Any road up - the thing that really gets up my nose is that under the headline is a picture of Sheffield Council's CEO, John Mothersole with a footnote "Integrity: Council chief executive cuts his pay."

Isn't that good of him - showing solidarity, making a sacrifice..... until you read the detail.

This unelected individual is to cut his annual salary by 5%. What a gesture - and even more so when you remember his salary has been frozen for the last two years.

Mind you - he is paid £184,588 per annum!! ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THOUSAND POUNDS FOR GOD'S SAKE!! That is truly obscene!

He's full of grand gestures is our Mr Arse.. sorry - Mother - sole. When the General Election was on - 100's of people didn't get to vote in Sheffield because of total disorganisation by our wonderful Council who were apparently caught out by the number of people who wanted to vote.

Still it was OK in the end because Mr Mothersole, in another grand gesture, declined his payment of £20,000 which he is entitled to when he has to organise an election!!

I wonder what exactly this bloke does for his exorbitant salary? I personally don't know but I would like HIS job please!?

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