Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Very Quiet Week.

Monday - work

Tuesday - work (but Belper beat Newcastle Town 3-2 away in the evening!)

Wednesday - meeting at our sister company re new computer system took most of the day.

Thursday - work

Friday - Sales Forecast and Budget meeting at work took most of the morning, then after lunch, we took the Duchess' car down to Autoworld Chesterfield to get info about some apparent defects.  A couple of months after we bought it, we got a letter from Seat saying a new cam belt should be fitted since the car was now 4 years old. The dealer special offer price is £350!! Thing is - although 4 years old, the car has only done 12,000 miles but apparently, 4 years or 40,000 whichever's sooner is the recommendation.

Anyway - we know a private garage called Volkstek, at Dronfield, who had been looking after her old motor so we went to see Tim down there and asked him what he'd charge. He reckoned a half that price would do it. He said there was no urgency so we left it a while.

A couple of weeks ago, a light came on the dash. Reference to a manual said something about exhaust emissions were not being measured properly. Back to Volkstek where Tim attached the car to his computer and revealed it needed a software update and a lambda sensor (or probe). He advised us to go to a main dealer because although he could fit the sensor - it might not be the total problem and he can't do a software update.

The car's booked in for examination  on 23rd Feb and Autoworld are having a look at the cost of fitting a new cambelt after I said I thought it was a a bit naughty that no one had mentioned the cam belt would need to be changed within 2 months of us buying the car. (The fact I told them Volkstek would do it for half the Autoworld price might also have had something to do with it! Or am I just an old cynic!?)

So we wait and see if the Autoworld test means an outlay of £40 or £140 (plus the cambelt!)

Saturday - we woke to this:
The view of our street from the front window - and it was still snowing! A quick look at the Belper Town web page showed a pitch inspection was planned for noon so the game was in doubt.

Anyway - the news at 12 was good and so we set off to pick up our mate Joe and head on down to Belper to see the Nailers take on local rivals Rainworth.

It wasn't a bad game at all but the result was disappointing in that Belper let a 2-goal lead slip and the points were shared. Ex-Nailer Rob Paling played at right back for Rainworth and had a good game - I still reckon it might have been worth Belper hanging on to him but he wanted first team games and is now getting them at Rainworth. Good luck to the lad.

There were at least 3 photographers in a crowd of 261 - the bigger than usual gate probably down to the fact that most other local games had been called off because of heavy rain or wet snow. So non-league fans being what they generally are, the Belper game was the only option for their Saturday afternoon  football "fix!"

The Gaffer - Tim Harrison - record of the match is here:

Then there's Mossley Smiffy, in town for the first time this season:

(Incidentally - see Smiffy's blog - Six Tame Sides - for all things non-league footy "Manchester way" and other assorted stuff - link on the right.)

And finally, the Owd Giffer's effort (me - although I reckon you'd guessed that!)

Sunday - done very little apart from restock the bird feeders in the garden and reset the squirrel trap.

OK - that's the latest chapter in my hectic life - don't know how I keep up - being the age I am an all......

Any road up - I'm off to do some crosswords - while the Duchess watches "Dancing on Ice!"

The car needs cleaning if anyone feels like.... thought not!

See yer in a bit!

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