Sunday, 6 February 2011

My New (well, actually, Used) Toy

Tim Harrison (Photographer To The Stars) has upgraded to a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and sold me his Mark II. Pictured above. I met him at the Shepshed v Belper Town game yesterday and the deal was done!

Used it for the first time at that game and there are some very essential differences between that and my 50D. A couple of my lenses - the 18 to 55mm and my 18 to 200mm zoom - don't fit the 1D so I will have to look around for something with 18mm to 70mm range or similar. I have 70 to 300mm covered with another telephoto lens and my 100mm f2.8 macro works with it so there's no real urgent need! (And of course - everything works with the 50D.)

A couple of my better pics from the game:

RWT battles for the ball (not enough of this happened sadly!)

Belper lost 1-0 to a very dubious hand ball penalty

I've no idea why this didn't finish in the back of the net!

We hadn't intended to go the match and it was certainly not the best I've ever seen. It looks like the Belper team have lost all confidence and belief. Shepshed are next to bottom of the league (although their form has improved in recent weeks) but this was only their third win of the season. They naturally celebrated like they'd won the league.

"Moneybags" Harrisons pictures are here:

We weren't helped by another incompetent ref who gave us nothing. Shepshed's goal came from a penalty when the ball bounced up and hit Nick Darker's forearm as he stretched to clear the ball. Nick got a second yellow and was dismissed on 64 minutes for a high tackle - although both players were committed to a 50-50 challenge and feet were raised on both sides! Then 10 minutes later, Andy Rushbury was brought down by a similar raised-foot tackle and although he got a free kick, there was no further action.

Anyway - it's been like that most of the season and I don't know exactly where we go from here. Well - I do -  Leek Town away on Tuesday evening followed by a trip to Lincoln Utd next Saturday but you know what I mean. We won't make the Leek game but hope to be at Lincoln - we'll see.

Nothing else to report this week really - life goes on pretty much as normal. The routine of work, sleep, work continues although I have booked next Thursday and Friday off and the Duchess and I are going to the pictures!! (Or cinema, movies or whatever it's called these days!) She wants to see "The Kings Speech" so we'll do the 2:50 pm showing on Thursday and then have something to eat at Meadowhall. We figured out the last film we saw at "the flicks" was one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark series - the one with Sean Connery as Harrison Fords dad. So it's been a while!

One more thing - I promised a link to Snapper Harrison's album on the Sutton Coldfield defeat last Tuesday - here it is - although it was really a game to forget!

Right - that's that for now - Monday is rapidly approaching and I need to psyche myself up. Actually - this consists of letting my mind go blank and trying to pretend it won't happen!!



Mike Smith said...

Recommend "The Kings Speech" Ken - saw it a couple of weeks ago - excellent film with a quite moving finish.

What happens to the 50D now ???

Nortoner said...

The 50D stays Mike but the 300D will go - probably back to my son - who I bought it from a couple of years ago. Bet I don't get trhe same price I paid him!