Sunday, 12 June 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

That's why I haven't posted.

Been one of those weeks - gets to Friday and you wonder "Where'd it go?"

In summary...

Tuesday evening - took the Duchess to her League Meeting

Wednesday evening - nipped down to Meadowhall to look for a gift for a mate who's getting married.

Thursday - can't honestly remember!

Friday took a day off and went to Bempton cliffs - album of seabird pics follows (along with the promised Edale and Rutland Water images.... honestly!)

Saturday - nipped down to the Town Hall to see my work colleague get married. On the way back to Nortoner Towers, called at John Lewis and bought a nice frame, selected a photo from the ones I took at the wedding, edited it then nipped down to Sainsbury's to get it printed. Mounted it in the frame and presented the happy couple with the finished result at the evening "do".

One o'clock  Sunday morning we got home! We had a grand evening but it was way past my bedtime when we got back!

Lie in this morning and since it is now absolutely pouring with rain, I'm editing and sorting out pictures and albums....

More follows...... at some point!

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