Sunday, 26 June 2011

Not a lot to Report This Week

Another quiet week with the only real happening of note a visit to the hospital for a "Kidney Stone Check-up" on Thursday. Good news is there is no evidence of further stones and I have been discharged from the hospital back to my GP. We celebrated by dining at the Bowshaw Carvery - as good as ever!

Saturday - used the bus pass and the X17 "limited stop" bus sevice to get to Chesterfield for a wander around the shops and market. I'm not a regular visitor to Chessy but I was pleasantly surprised to find a very nice shopping centre and an excellent market. Sadly, it emphasises once again what a dump my own city, Sheffield, has become.

Whilst there I bought a USB memory stick - 4Gb - and the Duchess bought a new charger for her iPhone - so she has one upstairs and one downstairs now - is that just a little TOO decadent?!?

I also found a branch of London Camera Exchange in the town centre and lusted after a new lens - a Sigma 150mm to 500mm which is on sale at Jessops at £849.95 and Jacobs at £849.00. Ron Harrison Cameras in Sheffield want £849 too.

London Camera Exchange price is £799. A good price on the face of it but with a holiday coming up and no room in my camera bag - it's not an option just now.

Pity - would have been perfect for our visits to RSPB sites and also great for cricket pics. Still - never mind. Maybe later!

I've not used the camera much this week - but still have several hundred pictures to edit so I'll get on with that (Still haven't finished Edale, Rutland Water, Bempton etc!)

Since its such a great weather forecast for today, this afternoon will be spent in the garden, cutting the grass and generally tidying up before the holiday. Right now - it's listening to the Archers Omnibus and editing photos!

I'll gerron wi it then.

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