Sunday, 26 June 2011

I Forgot About These!!

A week or so ago, I took some pictures in our hot rolling mill at work. Got some fairly dramatic images one of which is to be incorporated into the new website we're having built.

Our company was founded in 1792 and there has been a rolling mill on the present site since the late 19th century. When I started at the company, back in 1971, there were about 22 rolling mills similar to ours in the Sheffield/Rotherham area but the steel strikes in the early 1980's closed most of them. We survive because we have a unique product, the process of manufacture of which was originally invented at our company.

Anyway - enough of the sales pitch - here's a couple of the photos:

My son's company in Holland has designed the new website and when it's up and running, I'll give you the link.

Back to photo editing now.....

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