Sunday, 19 June 2011

I know I promised pictures but I've been busy.. again!

Only major events this week have been....

Friday evening - went to Currys and bought a new microwave oven

Saturday - went to Sheffield and bought a new card reader and a frying pan.

Wot an exciting life we lead.....

Work has been busy but only because my colleague has gone off on honeymoon so I'm covering his job as well.

In the absence of any other astonishing news, here's a few pics from recent photographic excursions....
Apples already on the tree in  our garden...

Razorbills at Bempton - "Find yer own flippin' perch"

The cliffs at Bempton.

Kittiwakes with chicks

One of Bempton's most famous residents - the Puffins

And another - The Gannets (and look at the size of the chick in the centre nest!)

Gannet in flight - majestic!

Boats at North Landing

Overlooking North Landing

"Dancing Fountains" - Sheffields Peace Gardens

Norton Sunset - last Friday

That's all for now - I promise I'll try to work on a couple of albums - Edale - Rutland Water - Bempton/Filey/North Landing.... but there's a heck of a lot of photos and not a lot of spare time just now...

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