Monday, 8 August 2011

Not A Lot To Report.....

...hence no bloggage until now.

Couldn't really think of anything to say. However, for anyone who is interested....

Monday - Belper Town lost 4-1 to a Derby County XI in a pre-season friendly. Tim Harrison's pics are here -

(Mine aren't processed yet and in any case - I spent most of the second half in photographic hints and tips discussion with Darlo who now has a Canon EOS 500D to play with! So I missed at least 2 goals)

Friday - day off work - ill! Suffered severe stomach cramps and vomiting over Thursday night and so took a half day off to recover. Early evening - went to PC World in Chessy to get a 1Tb WD portable external hard drive. Bargain at £69. (My 750 Gb is getting a bit full!)

Saturday - Belper Town 0-5 Matlock in the last of the pre season games. For some reason, (maybe still getting over bellyache!) couldn't really be arsed so put the camera away at half time and just watched the match. Interesting "Q&A" session with the new manager and supporters in the club house afterwards.

Tim Harrison saw the game through as ever and his pics are here:

Not a lot else has happened. Got some excellent pictures of a robin and some blackbirds in our back garden. I'll, post 'em as soon (or rather if) I get around to it.


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