Sunday, 14 August 2011

Look Into My Eyes......

Taken at the Norton Show yesterday.

We've lived at Nortoner Towers for some 13.1/2 years now and we've never been to this annual event. There was showjumping, dog training displays, cheerleaders, a band performing in a marquee, car boot sale amongst other things

It wasn't bad although to be brutally honest - it wasn't worth the 3 quid admission fee!

More pictures here....

Not a lot else happened this week. I did take some pictures of the swans on the canal at the back of our steelworks. They have 4 cygnets left, having started with 7. I'm a bit surprised they lost another 2 because I thought the 6 youngsters they had when I last saw them looked fairly well established.

Hard to believe that's a shot taken in the industrial east end of Sheffield isn't it? The canal is quite clean these days actually. Twenty years ago, we used to joke about whether you'd die from poisoning or drowning first if you jumped in! It's full of fish too now!

Big ones....

And little ones..
The EvoStik League season started yesterday but we decided the long trip down to Newcastle-Under-Lyme to watch Belper Town's first competitive game under new manager Tommy Taylor was a bit of a trek , hence our visit to the Norton Show.

Belper lost 2-0 and comment from supporters on the BTFC Fans Forum suggests a real "game of 2 halves" with Belper missing chances in the first half but being generally outplayed in the second. You can see a report on the game on Tim Harrison's blog ("Cycling Photographer" link on the right) and Tims pictures are here:

Next game is Tuesday evening at home to Brigg Town. We'll be there and hope for a win!

Anyway - that'll have to do for now.It's a fine, dry day so I'd better get organised and tackle the garden.

Tarra for now.


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