Sunday, 28 August 2011

The hedges didn't all get cut last Sunday!

The weather was so nice we compromised and took a drive out to Carburton Lakes to see if we could get some more pictures of birds. Unfortunately, due to some inconsiderate "car parkers" there wasn't any room on the little layby that gives the best views of the lake and the birds so we drove on a little further, planning maybe to call in at Clumber Park. That plan failed too. Clumber was open only to attendees at an open air concert being staged last weekend.

We ended up at the Dukeries Garden Centre which has an "attachment" in the shape of the Harley Centre. First time we've been and it was impressive (but we passed on the expensive cuppa in the cafe!) There's a farm shop, craft shop, a museum and a cafe as well as the huge garden centre. It's all part of the Welbeck Estates and obviously recently developed, or at least, "done up."

A very handsome courtyard - the Harley Centre

And beautiful water lilies in a pond in the courtyard

Got back home, and cut one of the hedges before relaxing in front of the telly and prepared for work on Monday.

The rest of the week passed quickly. Belper were away at Lincoln Utd on Tuesday evening but an hour and a half drive down there was simply too far after a day at work. We missed a good 2nd half performance by the Nailers, coming back from one goal down to equalise in the 5th minute of injury time and earn a point.

Unfortunately,  the team lost at 3rd from bottom Romulus yesterday so it hasn't been a great week for the lads. Still, early days I guess - new manager - several new players and the manager did say "Give me 6 games to see where we are."

As I said - I've booked Monday (tomorrow) off so we can go to watch Belper play local rivals Ilkeston. Should be interesting and a decent crowd. Ilkeston apparently have a large support (about 450 at their home game yesterday) so it should be a good atmosphere. I think I might leave the cameras at home tomorrow - have a go at just watching a game for a change!

Nothing else to report this week, apart from a couple of "grumbles" about the way the BBC News is reported but I won't bore you with all the detail. Suffice to say - when the stock market drops by around 4% then it's the main headline but when it recovers the losses over 3 days - it's not even mentioned. Another drop later in the week and we're suddenly in "double-dip recession" territory. To quote Private Fraser in Dad's Army "we're all doomed!" Seems "Bad news is the only news" is the maxim. Meh!

Oh - one more thing - it wouldn't be a Nortoner blog without a "flying thing" pic so here's this week's effort:

Ha ha - see yer!

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