Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another "catch-up"

Been another hectic week and a bit. Here's the highlights (and lowlights as far as footy is concerned!)

Friday - The Duchess did the supermarket run in the morning and as soon as I got home (early finish) Friday afternoon, we drove out into Derbyshire - on the assumption that the clear blue sky and bright sunshine of the morning would continue into the afternoon - it didn't by the way but we still had a good afternoon.

Came back via Fox House and sat at the top of Froggatt Edge, supping a cuppa and watching a rainstorm gathering. The sunset was bright yellow and the sky very dramatic.

Think it might rain?

 This house fascinates me - think it's called White Lodge

It's up a gated track with a "Private Keep Out" notice!

Saturday - Belper Town were at home to Carlton Town. Lost 0-2 unfortunately although the scoreline isn't perhaps a true reflection of the game. Having conceded a late goal, Belper were pressing for an equaliser when Carlton scored a second on the break.

Tim Harrison's album is here:

Another excellent set. I took some and whilst they are an improvement on recent weeks, they are'nt to Tim's standard! I seem to be having lots of focusing issues lately - particularly at football matches. Anyway - we'll persevere. After all practice makes perfect doesn't it?

Monday came and went as Monday's do then on Tuesday - Belper suffered another home defeat. This time, we lost 1-2 to Sutton Coldfield. A very disappointing result and I don't know what the answer is to the clubs current poor run of form. We started slowly again - conceded an early goal again and didn't really start playing until about 60 minutes had passed. Then we snatched an equaliser but conceded a late goal - again - again!

Here's Tim's pics:

He's a great bloke and a good mate (I'd like to think) but his consistency as far as footy pics is concerned is getting very annoying!! (Only joking Tim - just jealous is all - keep up the good work!)

Today we're at Kidsgrove and the team really does need a result. The Duchess and I aren't going - I'm off to Norway for a couple of days on Sunday so most of Saturday is spent in preparation for my meetings.

Not much else to report from last week apart from Thursday when the Duchess and I met up at Meadowhall after work and went to TGI Friday for a meal. It ain't cheap but it's good grub!

Talking of grub - she's preparing a full English right now for breakfast/lunch so I'll close this and go eat.

I'm back from Norway on Tuesday evening and back in the office Wednesday so I'll report then! (Hopefully)

"Ser deg senere" ( Norwegian for "See You Later" I believe!)

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