Monday, 19 December 2011

Back by Popular Demand.....

...Well, that's not strictly true.... it's really because my reader - Snapper Harrison - keeps nagging at me to update the blog!

It's a real bits and pieces effort this time (stuff as I think of it basically!) but here goes..

Had a long weekend a bit ago - think I mentioned it - and me and The Duchess went down to Sheffield market on the Friday. After getting the meat for the weekend, we decided to have a sandwich and a cuppa at one of the very good stalls in the meat and fish market. Bacon and egg sarnie and a cuppa - can't beat it. As we waited for the food, I spotted this notice in the corner of the table.... made me giggle!

Someone obviously spotted the second letter is a 'U' and not and 'O' but that just makes the rest of the mis-spelling even funnier!

During the last week or so we've also spent a couple of hours looking around the shops for Christmas pressies. Now, my son's brother in law is a "push bike fanatic." Tamas is Hungarian, married to a Dutch girl and with an English brother in law (our son of course!) Proper United Nations job when they have a family dinner!

I digress. Tamas also has a collection of old bicycles, including folding bikes, and when in a store called "Stone The Crows" in Sheffield, we saw these which we thought might interest him:

Pics aren't the sharpest - taken on my iPhone and with an unsteady hand but the models in the upper picture actually work with moving pedals and a chain driven rear wheel. (Snapper might like these an all come to think!)

Other stuff - well - footy and Belper actually won a game last Saturday! OK, Shepshed Dynamo were next to bottom of the league but the "Current Form" charts showed they were two places ahead of us over the last 6 games. It was a reasonably comfortable 3-1 win in the end but for me, the encouraging fact is that although Belper had gone ahead then allowed Shepshed back into it, the lads knuckled down, got stuck in and two Jon Froggat goals sorted it out. Jon's first goals in a while and hopefully, that will set him off on a "scoring run."

My pics from the game aren't edited and sorted yet but as ever - 'Arrison Strikes Again! - see here for a very good view of the action.

Oh Aye - and while we're talking football, Belper went out of the Derbyshire Senior Cup on the previous Tuesday. Lost 9-3 which sounds awful until you know that there were several first team members in the Derby side and to score 3 against them is something to be proud of - and by all accounts the Belper lads gave as good as they got! Snapper was there too of course:

Finally on tne footy front - did anyone see the tweet that has been circulating recently.....

Ronaldo sez "God sent me to show people how to play football."

Messi sez "I didn't send anybody."

So - aside from the ramblings above, the very best part of the last few days is the safe arrival of our son and daughter in law who have come over from their home in Rotterdam to join us for Christmas. Great to see them of course but as ever, they have a busy schedule because a part of the trip involves Mark visiting clients in Sheffield. And he has to catch up with his best mate whilst he's here of course and then there's the shopping!

Any road up. There ain't a lot else to tell y'all. The only excursion the camera has had was to Belper last Saturday and as I said - I'm not through editing those pictures yet. I'll maybe get some time over the next few days. I've saved some days vacation and actually finish work tomorrow night (Tuesday) until Tuesday January 3rd. Mind you - I haven't really started Christmas shopping yet so the second half of the week will be a bit hectic!!

I'll let you know how I get on!


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