Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Baubles to the Lot of Yer!!!!

The tree is up thanks to The Duchess - and it looks really good! All her own work of course. My sole contribution is to fetch the stuff down from the loft!

It's starting to feel like Christmas. (Isn't there a song in there somewhere?) Work is done until 3rd Jan, the tree and trimmings are up, the turkey is ordered and I am panicking about Christmas pressies!

Thats not strictly true actually. I've got a few bits and pieces already for the Duchess and I'll pick up her main present tomorrow. (Reserved it online just now!) At least she'll have some parcels to open on Christmas Day so some of the pressure is off!

 Tomorrow my son and I are invited to share a buffet lunch at our divisional headquarters (my son designed our company websites, had a hand in some of the office refurbishment they've recently had done and he's now working on one of their product catalogues.) He needs to meet with my boss to fine tune a couple of things and after lunch, I'll be back "down Sheffield" to do stage 2 of the shopping. (Next year - I'm gonna have it all done by the end of October. Mind - I said that last year and the year before....)

Right - next instalment follows ASAP but for now...

Joyeux Noel mes amis!

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