Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Wasted Journey!

Not my Norwegian trip - that went well!

No - the Duches and I decided to make the relatively short drive (56 minutes) through the Peak Distict to New Mills to watch Belper Town yesterday. Unfortunately, just as we arrived we were told the game was off! Cancelled by the match referee about a quarter of an hour before we got there.

The pitch actually looked playable although there was deep mud and waterlogging in one goalmouth. I did also hear that the ref tried to roll a ball in the centre circle but it was so wet, it wouldn't roll. So maybe the postponement was justified but what got to me was the fact that according to the chat at the ground, the pitch was exactly the same earlier in the morning when a local ref declared it fit!

Anyway a disgruntled bus load of supporters headed back to Belper whilst the Duchess and I decided to find somewhere on the way back home to sit and look at the snow and maybe take some pictures. We eventually stopped on the A6 - just through Buxton and whilst the Duchess mashed the tea, I took a few shots. Here's about the best of them.

And finally - the Lesser Spotted Monarch Charter in flight.... 

Back to football and since my last post, Belper have lost two more games. The Kidsgrove game mentioned in the last entry resulted in a 0-2 defeat and on the following Tuesday, Belper lost again to high-flying Grantham Town - again 0-2. Snapper went to Kidsgrove and his pics are here....

.....but he didn't got to Grantham -(neither did we - I got back from Norway about 8:30 on  Tuesday evening but we wouldn't have made the trek anyway!)

Next week we meet Shepshed - one of the two teams in the "relegation zone" and one of only half a dozen or so teams below us in the league table so it's a real 6-pointer as they say! (Although I dunno why - it's still only 3 points for a win innit?!)

Anyway - the rest of my week was spent playing catch up after the trip, which as I said, was a success. Even so, I did book Friday and Monday off (9th and 12th December) so I'm currently on a long weekend. I will have to do a couple of hours work during my break but that can wait until the X Factor final is on TV tonight!

For now - that's that - Ciao bambinos!

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