Thursday, 26 February 2009

It's Thursday already....

...and next week we'll be into March. I'm sure time is flying by more quickly each year.

I also have a stinking head cold and no idea where it came from and I am in a foul temper thanks to that tinpot outfit called the Halifax Bank!

Since switching from Yorkshire Bank about 5.1/2 years ago (admittedly, to get a way better interest rate on my current account - the £-signs were flashing in my eyes) the Halifax has screwed up my Council Tax standing order twice, managed to get my telephone cut off and caused chaos with a monthly Direct Debit payment to an Insurance company. Not a great record.

Long story short - they have just paid Sheffield City Council £126 more than they should have and since the chances of getting money back from the council are slightly slimmer than a snowball's chance in hell, I began a debate with the "bank" about it. ("Bank!!" - haha - sorry - only joking!)

They have an online "Help Assistant" - use that I thought. I detailed my problem in the box provided and submitted my message. Their instant response was "You will have an answer within 48 hours." They were true to their word and within 40 hours I got a message saying "Call this 0845 number or pop in to your branch." I don't wanna be picky but that ain't really a help is it? So - I wrote to the branch.

Last night I popped into the branch at Meadowhall and was met by "an advisor". I showed her my letter but did not expect the response I got; "What would you like me to do about it?" I said I want my 126 quid back but she said - "Can't do that but it's OK because your next Council Tax Bill should have a £126 credit on it."

Whilst I was in a complaining mood, I asked her what she thought of the "Online Help Assistant". She said that she didn't know they had one! I showed her the e-mail advice and she said - I promise - "What do you want me to do about it?" Honestly, it was like that Nationwide Bank ad on TV where the fat guy with glasses takes the mick until the customer clears off elsewhere.

I followed that example, took my paperwork from her and told her I'd be on Uswitch as soon as I got home to see what alternatives there are for my current account business. She looked shocked and I honestly believe she couldn't understand why I was annoyed!

There's little wonder thay had to be bailed out by the government!

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