Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday evening and it's snowing ... AGAIN!

The snow started about 4:30 pm -ish and we now (8:30 pm) have a new covering of about half an inch on top of the rest of the snow we've had this week..... and it's still coming.

Aside from the snow, it's been an interesting weekend. The Owls beat SUFC at Bramall Lane yesterday with a goal worthy of winning any game. Interesting to see Mr Blackwell came up with an excuse in time for the Sunday papers - "We were tired, having been stuck in Southampton not knowing if the game would be on, then the M1 was closed on the journey home! We didn't get back until 3:30 am." He makes it sound like they got back at 3:30 am Saturday morning when in fact the Southampton game took place last Tuesday night! Whatever Mr B!!

My other main passion is cricket and it was a massive disappointment to see the England team humbled by the West Indies. All out for 51 is not acceptable and the problems need sorting. This all began with a major disagreement between head coach Peter Moores and captain Kevin Pietersen resulting in both being relieved of their duties. I don't know the answers but the thought did occur that the team has a batting coach, bowling coach, fielding coach and no doubt a wicketkeeping coach, so what exactly does a head coach do? Answers on a postcard to the ECCB!

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