Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Week....

...has just flown by! (That's my excuse for not posting anyway!)

Monday afternoon - at the doc's because of a swollen and painful left knee. Had it for a couple of weeks but it isn't an emergency so appointment not urgent (apparently!) Diagnosis - "Fluid on the knee and there might also be a bit of grit floating round in there." Treatment - "Can't do anything really. It will probably get better on it's own. Take 3 Ibuprofen a day and one of these other tablets a day." "What's the other tablet for?" I asked. "Cos Ibuprofen, taken regularly, can make your stomach bleed. The 'other' pill will stop that." Well that's alright then!!

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - not sure where they went but a lot of time was spent trying to drum up some work for the company who employ me. Sad news is 4 guys from the shop floor were made redundant on Thursday and more might follow unless work picks up soon.

As a manufacturing company, making steel bar for mining and construction tools, we have been warning of the dangers of reducing the country's manufacturing base for some 10 or 15 years. Sadly, an economy based on service industries is bound to find itself in the mire at some point - surprised it's taken this long actually.

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