Friday, 27 February 2009


Friday at last! (Yes - I know I was moaning about time flying but at times this week, it seemed Friday would never get here!)

I went home early yesterday - having been in the office long enough to infect everyone with the head cold. It's good to share!

The work situation hasn't improved dramatically. The only two things of any note which have happened this week are the drains from the toilets in the office block "backing up" resulting in a major operation to dig up the car park and clear the blockage. Toilets were out of bounds for periods during two days which is an "inconvenience" of course! (DOH!)

Secondly, during Wednesday night, thieves broke into one of the electricity substations on the perimeter of the premises and nicked some copper cable so technically, for a period of a couple of hours, none of our machinery in the plant was earthed! I never thought I'd find myself singing the praises of the YEB but they were on site quickly, replacing the cable and are now in process of making and fitting steel doors to try to prevent a recurrence.

We'll see what next week brings but the signs of a massive increase in orders are non-existent. For now I'm going to concentrate on getting through today relatively unscathed and looking forward to Belper Town v Lincoln Utd tomorrow.

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