Thursday, 2 July 2009

36 Hours & Counting.....

....or thereabouts until we set of on our hollibobs. Typical Nortoner luck - we go on Saturday - just as the weather is cooling down and we could be doing a spot of fishing in the rain next week!

The Duchess is at another football meeting tonight, not expected back til late and I'm sorting out back ups of my "work" laptop and the very machine on which I'm typing this.

Been a rare good day at work. The guy who used to be our European Sales Agent (until he retired in December 2005) was in Manchester for a few days and called to ask if he could pop over the hills and visit. Steve is 73 now and an interesting man. We travelled all over Europe together for 20 years or so. He lives in Harpenden but was "oop north" to see his son.

He came over on the 11:10 train and we went for a pint and a sandwich. Steve is a proper "Real Ale" man and so we went to a pub called the Cocked Hat, close by the Don Valley Athletics Stadium. As we ordered drinks, one of our little group of four asked "What food you doing today mate." As he was pulling a pint of Brakespeare something or other (sorry - I'm not a beer person, OK?) the barman replied "No food today mate, no kitchen staff. This boozer's up for sale!" (In a broad and very morose Geordie accent.)

I was going to point out the 20ft long, 3ft high, bright yellow banner hanging on the front of the pub which said - in very large letters "Come Inside for our Great New Food Menu - Served 12 til Late!!" but he seemed to be having a sh*t day and, so we thought "Leave it!" and drank up and headed off to Arena Square, just down the road.

I had a lovely burger and chips and Steve had a ham sandwich and a couple of pints of something called
"Black Sheep" (??I think!!).

Interesting note - the 3 pints and a half of cider we had in the Cocked Hat cost £9.15. Drinks, food and tip for four of us in the Arena Square cost £35 - I think we were ripped off in the pub! No wonder it was empty! Having said that, I mentioned the cost to the youngest member of our gang (He's about 33 years old) and he said - "Dunno £9 for four drinks isn't bad - when was the last time YOU bought a round." As his boss, I thought I took this sly crack very well but just wait til tomorrow - he's gonna have the busiest Friday of his life!!!

Anyway - before I die the death of a thousand perspirations, I'll quit this now and go outside for some air. I love the heat but 21.5 C at 7:30 a.m. today is a tad warm - it's now 28 C according to my thermometer!

Another sleepless night ahead I guess.

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