Friday, 24 July 2009

Post Holiday Blues....

Trying to beat off the post holiday blues, the Duchess and I took ourselves off to Derwent Dams last night, "after tea."

Innit pretty?!

After almost a week back to Sheffield and the same old, same old, it made a nice change to just have a lazy look around one of our favourite parts of Derbyshire.

Best of all was it wasn't that busy - we hardly saw anyone else up there but on the drive back, through Baslow, Hathersage and Grindleford, we were "buzzed" several times by madmen on motorbikes who ignore speed limits and double white lines and with their lights on main beam, dazzle the drivers they come tearing up on.

"Think Bike!" signs are everywhere - and why? Because most of the stupid b*st*rds generally don't think for themselves.

Anyway - I'm quite enjoying this early finish on Fridays. The new working hours began the week before I went on hols so this is my first real experience of "Friday arvo off." It's grand. (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 8 am to 1:30 pm Friday for those of you who don't 'keep up')

Chippy later - chips and a Beef and Onion Pukka Pie - then Belper Town v Ossett Albion in a pre-season friendly tomorrow. Perfect - although God alone knows when the jungles that pass for my front and back gardens are going to get sorted out cos it's supposed to be fine tomorrow then raining again on Sunday.

Suppose I could miss the match tomorrow...... Nah - couldn't do that! Daft idea!

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Dave said...

First opportunity to comment since my arrival back home (and I'm back off to Belper this weekend if the car gets through it's M.O.T in time).
Lovely pics Ken, popped round that way for a "shufty" on the way home from Kinder- it really does beg the question why you'd want to go abroad when we have such natural beauty in our own country.
Haha@ next upgrade's from a 5 mega pixel to an 8 m/p. That should produce better results.........Sheila, camera phones are compact and convenient for while I'm walking, I would OF COURSE invest in a "proper job " like what Ken wants , if I was taking photography seriously (will that do ya Ken ;-) ).
Bikes, well, it is at the end of the Snake Pass!!! As an erstwhile biker, I have sympathy, have "done" that road on a bike, and boy oh boy it's exhilarating, still, no need to buzz walkers etc..the better corners are higher up.
Take care guys, and keep on bloggibg, maybe see ya Saturday!