Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Had a good day....

... But we're still on vacation so why wouldn't it be a good day!
This is mainly a fishing holiday but today we took a day off from fishing and went for a drive.

After a lie in and a leisurely shower, we set off toward Skegness because we intended to have 'brunch' at Rachel's Cafe on the A158, just past a place called Hagworthingham. It's a cracking place to eat and well worth a stop if you're out that way.

Next stop was Donna Nook, where you can see the RAF practicing 'flare drops' over the North Sea coast. (A mate who knows about these things says they are practicing dropping 'radar-confusing flares' for when the pilots get to Afghanistan and are attempting to land the plane. The flares apparently confuse ground based rocket launchers used by the Taliban. Sobering thought innit?)

Made a quick 'toilet stop' in Mablethorpe before heading to Sutton-on-Sea for a cuppa and a cream and jam scone (yum!)

Next stop was Huttoft where we parked on the car terrace and watched thunderstorms heading out into the North Sea for an hour or so then a steady drive back to Horncastle.

To round off the day, we've been down to the Fighting Cocks pub, at the end of the street, for Steak and chips and a couple of pints.

Back at Elmhirst Lakes now -relaxed, replete and ready for a good nights kip!
(Haven't figured how to get photos posted via my mobile but I'll post a couple at the weekend - for now - 'thank you and goodnight!)

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