Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Staveley MW FC 2 - 2 Belper Town

Me and the Duchess made the short trip to Staveley last night to have another look at the Belper team Andy and Danny are building in time for the new season (15th August - can't wait!!)

The weather was absolutely awful. It rained very heavily through most of the first half but the pitch stood up to it very well and, given the conditions, the two teams put on a decent display.

8:15 pm on a July evening, at a football match and they had to put the lights on cos it was so dark - one expects this in November maybe but not in July for gawd's sake!

Anyway - with 4 or 5 first team "regulars" on holiday or otherwise unavailable, it was a new line up which took to the pitch. The rain made it difficult but there was some very good play from both sides although to be honest - both teams gave the ball away a little too often!

Belper goals came from Ant Wilson - he followed in a team mates shot (didn't see who) from outside the box and tapped in after the keeper parried the ball. The second was very similar, a shot from outside the box deflected off a defender and the keeper got a hand to it but Asa Ingall was following in and put the ball over the line from very close range (came off his knee or shin to be fair!)

The Staveley goals were also similar - the first a back post header after a decent cross - but the guy was totally unmarked - and a shot from close in, but at the opposite far post with the player again unmarked. Nothing goalie Leigh Walker could do about either of them.

The players who impressed me most were 2 of the triallists - Nick Hall - in central midfield - and a player I believe Belper are anxious to sign - and a centre back by the name of Burgin who certainly looked the part - big, mobile, nice touch and he won just about everything in the air.

If they are added to the squad it will be interesting to see how they can be accommodated when the "regulars" return.
I didn't take the camera - it was way too wet - and Snapper Harrison couldn't make it so I'm afraid there's no pics to show but maybe next time.

Anyway - that's for later - right now I gotta go. I'm nipping out to pick up my oldest friend (literally the oldest - he's 93 in a month or so!) and we'll have good old natter about his recent holiday in Crete.
Laters (as my son says!)

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