Thursday, 26 November 2009

Another Week is flashing by....

Highlight? Tuesday night at the Meadow when Belper Town beat a very strong Chasetown side in the 2nd Round of The President's Cup. A great performance from the lads as Dean Oliver added to his 2 goals in the 7-1 drubbing of Loughborough with another brace, scored in just under 2 minutes this time! He's on fire at the moment with 5 goals in 3 games.

Pity my perfomance with the camera didn't match that of the team but there were a couple of shots that aren't too bad......


I guess 5 from the112 shot in total is not great but there's always next time.

I've been for my CT scan this afternoon - results will be mailed to me (not to my GP which I find a bit odd.... anyway...) within a week to 10 days. I also got  a letter from the hospital this morning.  It tells me that one of the several urine samples I've submitted since this whole episode started about 5 weeks ago shows evidence of a urinary tract infection. I therefore need to call my GP to get a course of antibiotics. (They've written to the doc separately so I guess she's eagerly awaiting my call.)

I'll just be glad when (maybe if) they get to the bottom of this and sort it out once and for all. Sorry to bang on about it but I'm a bit teed off with it now!

Work is still "on the up" with orders coming in right, left and centre. Problem now is we don't really have enough men on the shopfloor to cope in the short term. But what do you do? Hire half a dozen blokes then, maybe in a month or two's time, fire them again? There are no guarantees that the orders will continue to flow in.

One of my tasks for next week is a sales forecast for 2010.... anybody got any suggestions?!

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