Sunday, 22 November 2009

Getting there.... but slowly!

Medical update - cystoscopy on Tuesday revealed nothing untoward but I now have to go for a CT scan because the consultant wants to be absolutely sure of what is happening with my kidney. I reported that my GP said the ultrasound revealed a kidney stone, remember? The consultant I saw on Tuesday said the ultrasound showed there MIGHT be a stone - hence the need for the CT scan. Confused - I most certainly am!! Anyway - I'll tell you more next week.

As promised - some pretty pics - "Autumn Berries" taken last weekend in Graves Park, just around the corner from Norton Towers.

I must also tell you that yesterday, we saw one of the best performances from  a Belper Town team since we began watching about 4 to 5 years ago.

Belper Town 7 - 1 Loughborough was the final result and the 2nd half produced some amazing one-touch "pass-and-move" football and a thoroughly deserved win. Loughborough were not as bad  a side as the final score suggests and they kept going up until their striker missed a golden chance with the score at 4 - 1. It was actually a stunning save by Adam Ogden, the Belper keeper, and you could almost see the oppositions heads go down. Anyway - a great result and Tim Harrison's excellent album of the game is here:

Next up is Chasetown in the Unibond President's Cup on Tuesday evening. Haven't decided if we'll go yet - depends on the weather - if this wet and windy stuff continues we might give it a miss.

The following Saturday, Belper are at home to Goole AFC and the Duchess and I are invited guests of the match sponsor! Belper joint manager Andy Carney is sponsoring the game and he's included madam and me on his guest list. We get preferred parking, free admission and programme, complimentary drinks before the game, food at half time and the we and the rest of the guest party get to select the Man of the Match.

Andy kindly did this for us last season and as I said - it's really nice of him to think of us. He says it's a small "Thanks" for taking the trouble to regularly support the 1st team and reserves despite most matches involving a minimum 60 mile round trip!. We, of course, do it because we enjoy the whole experience - the game, the company and the banter.

Full report follows!

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