Sunday, 1 November 2009

Staveley Reserves 1 - 3 Belper Town Reserves

Rob Palin's (No. 4) close range shot is missed by the defender on the line to give Belper a 1 - 0 lead.

This match took place yesterday and what a cracking game it turned out to be! Even with floodlight failure causing the last 10 minutes to be played in fading light, we saw one of the best game I've seen in a while.

Late substitition in semi-darkness.

Belper took (and probably deserved) a 2 - 0 lead before Staveley pulled one back from a penalty. Sam Johnson sealed the win with a late goal after a run from just past the halfway line as Staveley pressed for an equaliser.

That brief description doesn't do the game any justice! It was "end-to-end" for a lot of the 90 minutes but what made it so great, to my mind, was the fact that both sides tried to play good, passing, attacking football. Belper won because of their excellent all-round team performance.

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It's been a busy week all round. Work slowed a little but we continue to book more orders than  we invoiced so November looks like being one of the best "sales months" of the year to date.

I'm still trying to get an appointment to see the doc about my scan results but given the fact that there are spasmodic postal strikes at the minute, the mail is more unreliable than ever so she probably hasn't got the results yet anyway!

Weather was fine yesterday but absolutely lousy today and we're promised  more temperatures in the 10 to 12 C range rather than the 16 to 18 we've been enjoying during the last week.

Not much else to tell really although we bought a new printer today - another HP "all-in-one" printer-scanner-copier, because the current one is starting to show it's age. The new one has a wireless facility so that will allow the Duchess to effortlessly print from her laptop and will, hopefully, give better results on the odd photo I print now and then.

So - you're pretty much up-to-date. I'm going to listen to Radio Sheffield's Country Music Show now - special guest is Reba McEntire - a particular favourite of mine - so that'll have to do for now guys!

See Yer Later!

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