Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Trying to get back to normality....

...but probably have to wait a little longer.

A quick summary of the last couple of weeks.......

The scan (eventually) confirmed the presence of a kidney stone and then I got a very severe urine infection (sweats then shakes then sweats again - the full monty!) so strong antibiotics were prescribed. These had some side effects (like the trots!) but the course is now finished.

This afternoon - I've an appointment at the Hallamshire hospital for a cystoscopy (look it up) - I had one of these several years ago and so I'm not looking forward to it.... then we see what happens next!

Footy? Well - Belper Town have lost a couple, drawn a couple and won a couple! They've also signed a couple of new players and you can see all of the details on the new, improved website.. link on the right - it's well worth a look.

The reserve side has just lost it's first game in 10 - a 2 -3 reverse against Teversal and again - pictures and comment are on the Belper Town forum.

Work has increased and we're busier now than we've been in months but it remains to be seen if the improvement is maintained. Only time will tell of course but it looks like we'll be giving the guys on the shop floor enough work to sustain a minimum of 4 days per week up until Christmas so that's a plus.

Also - got lotsa pictures to show you but they'l follow in a little while - I'm now off to the hospital..... wish me luck!

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