Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back from my travels....

Well, got back Saturday afternoon actually. Too late to go to Skelmersdale and see Belper Town win another cup semi-final. This time they came from 2-1 down with 10 minutes left to win 3-2 with a couple of goals from striker Ant Wilson. They are now in the final of the Derbyshire Senior Cup and the Unibond Presidents Cup.

Off tonight to see Belper Town v Glapwell - a local derby which should be quite feisty as Glapwell include some former Belper players! We're actually sponsoring the match ball so we have the car park pass, sponsors tickets, food at half-time etc etc. It's nice to feel we're putting something back into the club.

Yesterday and today have been spent watching the gas fitters install a new boiler. Grand job they've made of it and we're fortunate that because our original boiler was so old, we qualify for the "Boiler Scrappage Scheme" which encourages people to get rid of "G-rated" boilers and install new, fuel efficient "A-rated" ones. The incentive is a grant of £400 from the Energy Saving Trust which will come in very handy thank you!

Finally - I know I promised pictures but the internet connection has been decidely iffy for the last 2 days and I don't have time to do them right now (we're meeting our mate Joey Winson who is coming to the game with us) but I promise.... ASAP!

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