Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Since my last post - here's my week.....

Tuesday evening - watched a very good game of football when Belper Town and Glapwell drew 1-1.

My pics of the game are here:

Quite pleased with this set actually. It was the first serious use of my new lens. (Canon 100mm fixed telephoto f2.8 with macro facility.) I also learned how to use "Unsharp Mask" in the photo-editing software "Photoshop Elements 8.0" which I use to "tidy up" my photos. I think it worked quite well!!

Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur (first 2 days back in the office after a trip and 2 days holiday).

Friday - I was asked to photograph some tools at our sister company. We're both exhibiting at a major show in April and the boss asked if I'd take some shots which are to be "blown up" to about a metre square and used on the stand at the Bauma show in Munich next month.

After that - it was a visit to the opticians to see if I need new reading glasses. It's up to me apparently - there is a slight increase in  my prescription but the optician reckons I can leave it a while if I wish. The really good news is that the Macular Degeneration appears to have been halted and so it looks like the VisionAce vitamin supplement tablets I've been taking for about 3 years now are working!

Saturday morning supermarket run was followed by a full English breakfast as usual and a trip down to Belper to watch the reserve side take on Dunkirk (no - not the French Dunkirk - the Nottinghamshire Dunkirk!!) We decided a 2.1/4 hour drive down the A1 to Stamford to watch the first team in the pouring rain was not on and so we saw an entertaining 3-3 draw at the Meadow.

Photos are here:

All that marred the day really (aside from the first team losing 2-1) was the attitude of some of the Dunkirk players. For the second time in a month, I was actually threatened by one of the opposition's players. OK - I know I'm a gobby sod and with attendances at these games almost in single figures, every comment can be heard on the pitch but when a particularly bad tackle chopped down a Belper player, I shouted "That's a red card ref" and was told in no uncertain terms by the Dunkirk No. 18 to "Shut your mouth." I refused and he then threatened to come into the stand and "sort me."

The guy in question was the Dunkirk Physio and had a bigger mouth than me. He later came on as a sub and that is when the threat was made - whilst he was playing! Mind you - he had a run-in with Harry Pride - father of the Belper full back and captain Aaron Pride. Full of bluff and bluster he mouthed off at Harry - who was standing behind the goal. The verbals continued until Harry asked if he wished to carry on the discussion off the pitch at which point, the guy stopped in his tracks - 10 yards from  the boundary boards - and turned around to find someone else to argue with. Wise decision cos  Harry is a mate but I wouldn't mess with him!

Anyway - today was a slow day but after a light lunch, we headed out for a wander around Wards Garden Centre at Coal Aston. They have a very nice restaurant/cafe there so we had a cuppa and a piece of "Dorset Apple Cake" (try it - it's very good!) before heading back home via a place called Ford - near Eckington. I took a few pictures of the small dam there -

It's a private fishing venue but no one was dipping a line today! Pretty place though. And there's the Bridge Inn right next door if you are in need of refreshment.

Oh - and the crocus are out in the garden with the daffodils not far behind.....

.....but I guess this might be getting boring now so I'll say "Tarra!"  for now.

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